Why do you draw stillborns?
How do I commission a portrait?
Once you’ve decided that you would like to commission a portrait, select one to three photographs of your child and send them to me. Digital photographs sent via email work best, but of course you can also send copies of analogue photographs in the mail if you wish, or if you have no digital pictures. If you have any particular wishes or instructions, please let me know at the outset. Such instructions may be to omit plasters, needles or tubes in the final portrait, which I need to be aware of before I start drawing. Upon acceptance of your commission I will send you an invoice and begin work on your portrait.

Is any kind of photographs suitable as a reference picture?
The best reference photos will show your child’s face clearly. A resolution of around 200 - 300dpi is optimal, but not a requirement. The sharper the focus of the photo however, the more detailed and accurate the portrait. Composition, background and colouring of the photograph do not affect the quality of the portrait drawing.

How long will it take to complete the portrait?
Once I have received the reference picture, the portrait will be completed within 10 - 14 days.  Delivery times will depend on where in the world you live. I will give you an approximate date of delivery once I post the portrait. Should you need the drawing very quickly - perhaps because you would like to display it on the altar at the burial ceremony or to print memoriam cards using the portrait - I am happy to oblige tighter timeframes. Please let me know if you are pressed for time.

What format will the portrait have?
All portraits are mounted in what is called a passe-partout: a thick, white frame of acid-free archival quality mount board cut to standard sizes. The standardised sizing ensures that your mounted portrait will fit into any frame of your choice with these dimensions. Whether your drawing will be in a landscape or portrait format depends on your reference picture - you can also express a preference if you have one.
In addition to the physical drawing you will also receive a digital version of your portrait in high resolution. This could be used as a memento to send to friends and relatives.

What will my portrait look like?
Your portrait will be based on the reference picture you provide. The composition will be broadly similar, and your child's facial features will be distinctly visible. While the drawing will be figurative, it is not my aim to create photorealistic portraits showcasing every minor detail. Your portrait will be in black and white unless you express other preferences.

Will I get to see sketches before I receive the commission?
This depends on which of the three commissioning options you choose. If you choose Option 3, I will start the commission by drawing up 2 - 3 preparatory sketches for you. You will receive these in low resolution via email for consideration. Take a few days to ponder them, pick your favourite and see if you would like any amendments made (certain parts darker or lighter, the omission or inclusion of certain features, etc.). Then send back your preferred sketch as an email attachment, along with any instructions for the final portrait if you have them.
If you choose portrait Options 1 or 2, you will not receive any preparatory sketches for review and I will start the final artwork straight away.

What medium will the portrait be done in?
I mostly use charcoal, coloured pencil, oil pastel and white calligraphy ink on 120g/m² Hahnemühle paper. This slightly textured paper has a warm, golden-brown hue and is of exceptional quality, made in Germany. However, should you wish for your drawing to have a different look, just ask me and we can discuss your preferred options.

Commissioning Options

Option 1 - Portrait
This option is ideal if you already have a photo in mind on which you would like your portrait to be based. Once I receive your photo, I will create a custom-made, one-off portrait drawing from your reference picture. The portrait will be mounted in a white, acid-free, archival quality mount board frame called a passé-partout with the final standard dimensions of 30 x 40cm. You will receive your physical, mounted portrait drawing in the mail, as well as a digital copy in high-resolution (300dpi) as a .jpg file via email. You may want to use the digital image to have memoriam cards printed or to send to friends and relatives.
Option 2 - Sketch
Should you wish a smaller keepsake, a sketch may be the way to go. Characterised by a slightly smaller format and more fluid, flowing lines, this portrait option bears a more animated, less detailed appearance. However, while this interpretation of your reference photo may use bolder strokes, the depiction of its subject remains realistic. Facial features are recognisable, and it is equally possible to request the omission of certain unwanted features that may be present in the reference photo, such as needles, tubes or plasters. You will receive the physical, mounted drawing with the standard dimensions of 24 x 30cm in the mail.
Option 3 - Sketches and Portrait
If you are still undecided as to which of several photos you would prefer to be turned into a portrait drawing, or if you would like me to propose different ways of interpreting a particular reference photo you have chosen, this option gives you the chance to see sketches before settling on a look for the final portrait. I will first draw up 2 - 3 preparatory sketches of up to 3 different reference photos and send you these via email, so as not to unnecessarily delay the commissioning process. I will wait for your feedback before proceeding to the next stage. Once we have locked in the design, I will begin with the final portrait.​ You will receive this as a physical, mounted drawing with standard dimensions of 30 x 40cm, as well as a digital copy in high-resolution (300dpi) .jpg format. You may want to use the digital image to have memoriam cards printed or to send to friends and relatives.
How do I commission
a portrait?
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Prices and Delivery

 -   1 mounted sketch, 24x30 cm incl. passe-partout​​​​

-   1 mounted portrait, 30x40cm incl. passe-partout
-   300dpi, high-resolution scan as a .jpg file

Sketches & Portrait                                  
-   2 – 3 concept sketches (digital)
-   1 mounted portrait, 30x40cm incl. passe-partout
-   300dpi, high-resolution scan as a .jpg file

$ ​90 /
£ 70

$ 190 /
£ 150

$ 310 /
£ 240
The cost for postage and packaging depends on where you live. Please get in touch with me and I will give you a quote. Payments can be made by bank transfer or via PayPal. Payment details can be found on your invoice.
Image Copyright
As creator of the artwork the illustrator retains intellectual property right as well as copyright of the images they produce. This means that they are by law allowed to reproduce their own artwork, such as on a personal website, in the media or on promotional material like flyers.
However, owing to the sensitive nature of the artwork I create I fully comprehend the need for privacy, anonymity and adhering to appropriate usage. I am also aware of the possibility that some parents may not wish a portrait of their child to be used even for these non-commercial purposes. Should you expressly wish your portrait to be exempt from further use, I will waive my copyright upon request.