Colgado por Ligereza

I have very fond memories of my first solo exhibition, held in the Galeria Chavez de la Rosa in Arequipa, southern Peru.

Soon to be my friend and mentor, galerist Carlos Ticona, himself a highly accomplished watercolour painter, extended the invitation of featuring me as an international visiting artist.

Hereafter I regularly exhibited at the gallery in numerous group exhibitions.
  1. Work in situ with lighting
    Work in situ with lighting
  2. close-up
  3. That's some canvas!
    That's some canvas!
  4. In situ touch ups
    In situ touch ups
    Everything must be perfect, and with 30m of canvas to touch up I settled in for the afternoon.
  5. Hands on
    Hands on
    It's all going to plan.
  6. Vernissage interview
    Vernissage interview
    TV Panamericana returned for the vernissage to film and interview myself and the visitors.
  7. You're kidding!
    You're kidding!
    This is what 30m of canvas looks like!
  8. close-up
  9. Filming
    TV Panamericana came along during the hanging of the exhibit to film a small reportage piece on the exhibition.
  10. It's not quite there yet
    It's not quite there yet
    It took a bit of engineering and ingenuity to get the exhibit to hang straight but we managed!
  11. Still in session!
    Still in session!
  12. Radio Interview
    Radio Interview
    A bit of joking around for our radio listeners
  13. A longitudinal view
    A longitudinal view
  14. Close-up
    The beautiful white volcanic rock called 'sillar' gives all of Arequipa a very unique look. In this gallery setting its qualities were a particularly striking fit as a backdrop for the exhibit.
  15. close-up
  16. Visitors enjoying the exhibit
    Visitors enjoying the exhibit
    I was particularly struck by this couple taking in the work with such enthusiasm!
  17. So many questions!
    So many questions!
  18. close-up
  19. Interview for TV Panamericana
    Interview for TV Panamericana
  20. Speech
    In fledgling Spanish I hope to have uttered intelligible thanks and acknowledgements. Off to view the exhibition!
  21. Vernissage
    Opening speech by Carlos Ticona Quispe, galerist
  22. close-up