It's a Hard Life

This series of preliminary sketches was working out the narrative flow of images to accompany a poem by the acclaimed 19th century Victorian poet Alfred Lord Tennyson. 

"In Memoriam A.H.H" mourns the death of Tennyson's friend (and possibly lover) Arthur Henry Hallam, who died suddenly and unexpectedly from a stroke at the young age of 22.

Canto XXVII is particularly heart wrenching. It deals with loss, grief and pain - and with love, as the only force able to mitigate and help one overcome the death of a loved one.
My approach towards the imagery was deliberately counter-intuitive. Set against words full of beauty and subtlety that resonate in masterfully wrought Victorian English are roughly hewn illustrations depicting seeminly unrelated scenes from a post modern world. Upon closer inspection however, the chosen images create a powerful narrative interpretation of the words.

This tension permits another reading of the poem and makes the text relevant to a 21st century audience.
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